Design Case Study Broadmayne

Design Case Study Broadmayne

click the link below to read more about this garden and see the construction, in the Purbeck! Magazine article.
Garden Design in Purbeck 

Once described as a ‘Gentleman’s Residence’, this 1930’s brick house has been brought firmly into the 21st century with new bathrooms, under-floor heating, crisp furnishings and an elegant, spacious kitchen/dining extension.

Now it’s time to look at the garden.

Southdrove ObjectivesObjectives

To connect the clean lines and stylish interior of the house with the garden, with an easy flow between them.  Maintenance must be low and there should be plenty to see, even in the winter.

Usable, level space is needed for entertaining and there is currently a difference of well over 3 metres between the highest and lowest points in the garden – and did I mention the goldfish?

An irregular and uninspiring pond is home to the fish, but its position seriously affects any new design, so requires some thought.  The design solution is to remove the pond and build an elegant, rill which will curve around the circular deck and the entertainment space that leads from the garden room.

The Style

I love Kim Wilkie’s work.  His sensitivity to the bond of history between man and the land, reflects in the calm, flowing shapes he uses and the way his designs fit naturally within the landscape.  There is a strong Wilkie influence in this design.

Southgrove TerracesExisting Terrace

Adjacent to the Garden Room, the terrace is pinched and narrow, creating dead-space.  The rockery type planting will go and this area will be pushed back and extended in a graceful arc, mirroring the curves of the new grassed terraces and the rill will connect the two.

Middle Lawn

This will offer space for entertaining and setting up a small marquee, connecting to a lower level by means of a mound, crowned with a sculpture or other art installation.  Sweeping grass steps will lead down to the third level where there will be a circular, sunken garden and fire-pit.

Southgrove Kitchen ExtensionKitchen/Dining Extension

The steps shown are narrow and in the wrong position, so they will be filled in.  We’ll build new, wider ones with sweeping curves and centre them with the kitchen bi-fold doors.

This will form a relaxed, natural stroll from the kitchen down to the sunken garden, to catch the early evening sun.

The clients had previously purchased a large wooden swing seat at Chelsea, which looked even larger when it arrived in their garden and was difficult to place.  So part of the brief was to incorporate the seat into the design.  Its new home in the sunken garden works perfectly and compliments the fire-pit.



Southdrove Driveway

The existing drive is narrow and has an unexpected kink which tends to catch you unawares.  This will be widened and lit with sequential light sensors.


Prairie style planting from a palette of perennials and grasses with an underlying structure of clipped box and small evergreen shrubs.

February and we start the build

The existing lawns have been sprayed off, however, unrelenting rain has not allowed construction work to begin as yet.

We’ve had some glorious sunshine as well as more rain and it’s the first day of March tomorrow, but as I type this, it looks as if it’s going to snow and it’s very cold!

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