January Jobs in the Garden

New Year good wishes and happy gardening to everyone!

Even now, the days are feeling that tiny bit longer and I’ve been delighted to see the long-tailed tits are still visiting and enjoying the fat-balls, as well as finding bugs and insects amongst the shrubs. Given a chance nature will provide it’s own, safe pest control without the use of chemicals.

1. Recycle your Christmas tree by shredding it for mulch.

2. Keep bird feeders clean and filled, melt any iced–up drinking water for them.

3. Decide on good positions for nesting boxes and get them in place before they start nesting.

4. If wind damaged fences need repairing and you need someone to do it for you, organise it now or you may have a long wait before they can fit you in.

5. The same applies to servicing garden machinery, especially mowers – get them booked in asap.

6. Service pond filters and pumps.

7. Plant bare-root roses, hedging and trees, provided the ground isn’t frozen.

8. Hellebores are budding up nicely, so remove any old or damaged leaves so you will be able to see the flowers more easily, it also helps reduce the spread of leaf spot.

9. Cut down tatty or collapsed perennials and grasses and compost them.

10. Winter prune apples and pears.

11. Tie in climbers and wall shrubs as necessary.

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