June Jobs in the Garden

Last month saw some extremes of rainfall and see-sawing temperatures, with sharp ground and air frosts, damaging new shoots.  Box was one of the most affected plants, but with warmer and more consistent weather now, new growth will soon come through.


  1. Be alert to box blight in your gardens and apply treatment.  The RHS has good information about this on their site.  Where blight is present and severe, possible alternatives to box are Japanese Holly, some types of Euonymous and Lonicera nitida.


  1. Hoeing and weeding.


  1. Once weeded, a good mulch on the borders will discourage new weed growth and reduce water loss from the soil. Water if necessary before spreading mulch.


  1. Summer bedding plants in containers and hanging baskets can be put out – they will dry out faster than plants in the ground and need regular watering.


  1. Plants are growing fast now, ensure stakes are in place for tall-growing or floppy plants.


  1. Clean bird baths and keep full with fresh water.


  1. Respect nesting birds in hedges and don’t disturb with hedge cutters.


  1. Cut lawns weekly. It may be necessary to raise the height of the cut in drought conditions.

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