November Jobs in the Garden

Days are shortening and temperatures are beginning to drop, but there’s still plenty to do in the garden.

1. Plant tulips, at least twice their depth or more and lots of them! A few recommended ones are Ballerina, Mistress, Don Quichotte, Queen of Night, Red Riding Hood.

Allium Purple Sensation is a good early flower, but position where the leaves will be hidden, as they always turn yellow before the flower is over.

2. Remove and compost annual climbers.

3. Check bonfires carefully before lighting – you may be lucky enough to have a resident hedgehog or other wildlife.

4. Remove leaves from ponds and lawns, bag up and store for leaf mould.

5. Reduce lawn mowing frequency and raise height of cut.

6. Feed birds and ensure fresh, clean water.

7. Prune dormant currants and gooseberries – don’t prune cherries, apricots or nectarines, they should be summer pruned.

8. Plant bare-root hedging, roses trees and shrubs before frost sets in, though bare-root hedging can be done throughout the winter until late February/early March, depending on the temperature.

9. Clean greenhouses.

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