October Jobs in the Garden

Late summer perennials are still giving a good show and Penstemons will continue to flower into December, but only if dead-headed.

1. Begin cutting back any spent and tatty perennials, but leave ornamental grasses and seed heads for the birds.

2. Prune climbing roses.

3. Harvest apples and pears and collect ripe seed from perennials.

4. Move tender plants back into conservatories and greenhouses for
the winter.

5. Last opportunity to trim hedges.

6. Reduce mowing and renovate lawns. Apply autumn lawn feed.

7. Plant up winter containers with mini cyclamen, winter heathers and
violas, tulips and dwarf daffodils.

8. Plant evergreen shrubs.

9. Figs – remove the large figs which haven’t ripened and leave the tiny ones to develop and ripen next year.

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