September Jobs in the Garden

As the nights draw in and temperatures begin to cool, the hedges are bursting with rosehips and blackberries and gardens still have plenty of late flowering perennials, that will give colour and interest into the autumn. But if you have noticeable gaps in your garden it’s worth making some notes and taking some photographs, with a view to filling them for next year.

1. Lift and divide herbaceous perennials when they finish flowering.

2. Garden centres still have some nice late-flowering perennials available, such as sedums which are especially good providers of nectar for pollinating insects.

3. Support tall, ornamental grasses if necessary.

4. Remove duckweed and then net ponds before the serious leaf-fall begins.

5. If you have summer bedding containers keep dead-heading and they will last a few more weeks.

6. Winter pots can be planted with heuchara, ivy, heather, cyclamen and lots of early and late tulips and dwarf daffodils.

7. If roses have blackspot, pick off the leaves and collect any on the ground and bin.

8. A good time to wash out all your birdfeeders, tables and bird baths.

9. Rake out thatch from lawns, aerate if compacted and start repairing damaged edges and re-seeding bare patches.

10. Ensure autumn flowering asters don’t dry out, to avoid mildew.

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