About Sarah

Sarah Talbot

As a designer and horticulturalist, my commitment is to impart as much of my knowledge and experience as I possibly can, to you.  When this brings a new dimension and dynamic into your lives, then I have done my job.

My early years were spent riding ponies in the New Forest which gave me my first experience of nature at close quarters.  I have carried those sights and sounds with me, turning a passion into a profession in 2001, when I trained as a designer at The English Gardening School, in the Chelsea Physic Garden.  This was supported by horticultural qualifications taken locally, at Kingston Maurward College.

Years later and the importance of gardens and green spaces of all kinds, has become much greater.  Our busy lives and all that the 21st century brings, are a balancing act on many levels and gardens are not only beautiful, but they also hold many of the answers.

We often hear how nature and wildlife need our help and protection for them to flourish and survive, but it’s also true the other way around; for us to flourish we need their help.  A symbiotic relationship benefits everyone and everything, it’s the best possible legacy we can hand on and is simply a lovely thing to do.  It really doesn’t matter if your garden is tiny or huge, or if you have just a few pots, it all contributes and can give so much pleasure.

Healthy soil and healthy plants, placed in positions where they will be happy and do well, are the essence of a successful garden.  Underpin this with structure, shape and form and an understanding of how they please the eye and you will have a delightful space.

If this resonates and has made you feel I could provide some solutions and ideas for your garden, do give me a call.  We can have an initial discussion over the telephone and then the next step would be to arrange to meet and see your garden.