Garden Design

Creating your garden – the design process

Garden Design

Gardens are joyful, a place to catch our breath and have a little time to ourselves.  A strong structure underpinning the softer elements of herbaceous borders,  helps give interest even in the winter, as well as helping the garden withstands the rigours of the seasons.

Good use of space.  Understanding how you want to use the space and what works for your household, opens the door to the solution.  Combine it with knowledge of the right hard-landscaping elements and gorgeous plants and the process of creating a garden just for you, has already begun.

Initial Visit

We’ll arrange to meet at  your home and explore the possibilities of what we could achieve in the garden.  We’ll discuss concepts and general ideas of how you would like to use the garden and the areas which are not working for you.


I will organise the survey needed to create an accurate scale drawing of the garden, on which the design is based.  It includes measuring and taking levels, plotting the position of the house and other permanent features of the site.   It also allows quantities of materials and costs to be accurately assessed.

Design Brief

The most important part.  We will take a step-by-step approach to the design, spending time discussing what you are looking for in your garden, how you will use it and how it can be made to enhance your lives.

Draft Drawing

I will translate the design ideas we’ve set out in the brief,  into  pencil drawings and talk it through with you. New suggestions, alterations, additions are welcome at this stage.

Final Draft Drawing

Sarah at WorkWe’ll discuss the design, make any last changes and the drawing will be finalised. Changes to the plan after this stage may be charged as an additional cost.

Master Plan

An annotated, scale plan with colour shading, is presented showing detailed hard landscape features, eg paving, steps, pergolas, water features, lighting and areas to be planted. This is used by the landscaper in the construction of the garden.


Building the Garden

The plan is implemented, adjustments and tweaks can be made during the build and I will be on site regularly, to ensure the construction runs smoothly.

Planting Design

Full details of all the plants, botanically named.  On completion of the construction, the plants will arrive and I will place them in their positions, then the team and I start to plant – the best bit!

Looking after the New Garden

I can usually recommend good, qualified gardeners and I am always happy to pop back and advise on this, as the garden matures.