How Can I Help?

If any of the following sound familiar, then maybe you could benefit from my help:

  • Your garden needs a little updating to fit your current lifestyle.
  • It’s escaped! You need some help to bring it back under control.
  • It’s a new house with a blank canvas, what an opportunity, but how to go about it?
  • Having a busy life, you’re short on time and perhaps knowledge too.
  • Your beautiful plants are being eaten by deer and rabbits.
  • Perhaps on-going development has taken away the privacy you once had and some screening is required.

How much help?

Full design or a re-design, both are very exciting. Sometimes all that’s needed are some expert tweaks in the right places, or perhaps a consultation and some brain-storming will trigger your imagination.  Families grow and evolve, so your garden needs to change with you and I will always help wherever and whenever I can,